Continental PremiumContact 6 225/50R17 98Y available in Sawston

225/50R17 CONTI PREM CON 6 98YXL


PremiumContact 6

225/50R17 CONTI PREM CON 6 98YXL

A truly premium experience
Fully fitted price: £128.52


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Developed for all classes of passenger cars.
Maximum wet braking while improving mileage due to Safety Silica Compounds
The crystal silica composition enables superior braking performance especially in terms of wet road conditions. While keeping the safety performance at the maximum level, the mileage improved significantly – a solved conflict in tyre development.
Extended driving convenience updated by the comfort-optimised performance footprint
The wear-optimised polymer blend provides an outstanding improvement of more than 15% in mileage performance. In addition, the smooth pattern stiffness improves driving comfort and mileage, and lowers the exterior noise.
Sporty driving in every car thanks to handling-optimised pattern design
The advanced macro-block design ensures maximum control and cornering stability. Furthermore, the asymmetric rib geometry provides a better grip under the effect of lateral forces.





Y (Max Speed: 186mph)

98 (Max Load: 750kg)