Uniroyal RainExpert SUV 245/65R17 107H available in Sawston

RainExpert SUV


RainExpert SUV

RainExpert SUV

Fully fitted price: £140.08


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Double-concave shaped grooves for improved water dispersion.

  • Protection against Aquaplaning
    …due to innovative double-concaved shaped grooves
  • Shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads
    … due to directional sipes in the tyre shoulders and tread centre
  • Higher mileage by avoiding one-sided tyre wear
    … due to the VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator)

Protection against aquaplaning
The double-concave shaped grooves and increased groove volume in the tread centre promotes smooth water flow through the grooves and improves water dispersion.

Shorter braking distances
Directional sipes in the tyre shoulders and tread centre provides improved support when braking, resulting in shorter stopping distances in both the wet and dry.

High mileage
There are three indicators on both the inner and outer shoulder. Incorrect track alignment and/or camber settings are identified if the indicator grooves on both shoulders are unevenly worn. Poor wheel alignment can be identified and rectified early, thus achieving a higher mileage through avoiding uneven wear.





H (Max Speed: 130mph)

107 (Max Load: 975kg)