Uniroyal Rallye 4x4 Street 195/80R15 96H available in Sawston

Rallye 4x4 Street


Rallye 4x4 Street

Rallye 4x4 Street

For middle to upper range SUV vehicles.
Fully fitted price: £95.55


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The SUV tyre for vehicles of the middle to upper range. Excellent performance in all weathers – both on and off the road.

Double V-tread for superb wet weather handling.

  • Good driving stability and short braking distances
    … thanks to a special silica compound for SUV tyres.
  • Excellent aquaplaning safety
    … thanks to an innovative double-V water displacement system
  • Traction, even in light off-the-road conditions
    … thanks to stable shoulder blocks and a robust tyre design.

Maximum pleasure from driving – even in the rain
The double-V water displacement system of the rallye 4x4 enables the simultaneous displacement of water across both the length and the width. Water is dispersed quickly – the most effective protection against aquaplaning.

Excellent handling – even in light off-road conditions
In particular when you take corners, enormous forces act on the tyre. The wide shoulder blocks of the rallye 4x4 street provide a large area for the transmission of these forces.

This, in turn, provides for good handling conditions, precise steering performance and consistent driving stability – even in light off-road conditions.





H (Max Speed: 130mph)

96 (Max Load: 710kg)